Mozy Backup Review

Mozy Backup ReviewIs Mozy Backup Service for You or a Waste of Time?

Why are you looking for a Mozy Backup Review?  Is it because you’re worried about losing all of your data on your computer and want to protect yourself from that ever happening?

If so then that’s a noble reason. Especially to someone like me, who’s lost their data before… including precious pictures and videos that I’ll never get back again.

It’s truly not a good feeling and the fact that you’re here, reading this Mozy review, tells me that you’re responsible enough (hopefully not because you’ve already lost precious memories) to hedge against this ever happening to you again.

The Low-Down on Mozy

First of all, let me say that if you’re looking for a fancy schmancy online backup service, with all the modern synching goodies attached, Mozy isn’t it.

If you’re looking to share files easily, and synch files through the computers in your home, then you’re certainly barking up the wrong tree with Mozy. For that sort of cloud service, you’re probably better off with something like SugarSync, of which you can read a review of right here.

Mozy on the other hand is a pretty straight forward, traditional type of online backup service, though there are some synching capabilities… in my opinion it’s not really for that.

That being said, it’s extremely good for its most important function, which is saving your butt in case of something goes wrong.

Why I Can Confidently Recommend Mozy

One of the things that’s critical to do in life these days…like buying a smoke alarm, or insurance… is to have your computer files backed up. There’s just too much precious information locked away inside your computer.

We rely on our computer to be there and house all that information… from our ultra important pictures, to our videos, to important copies of documents, or even letters and emails that you’ve saved that could possibly save you in a legal situation.  It’s all just sitting there.

Unfortunately one little thing could wipe all that away in a heartbeat. Computer viruses, floods, house fires, etc. Even something as silly as spilling a cup of coffee on your laptop.

In fact just thinking about all of the precious pictures and videos I lost when I had a computer virus breaks my heart to this day… and that was quite sometime ago.

With Mozy, it simply downloads a client to your computer, and you can then simply backup your entire computer. If something goes wrong, you can go right in and completely restore your computer. Or at least, you could go in and grab the most important files that you had.

It’s a truly simple solution but it’s a vital one.

The Stash Folder…

To give credit where credit is due, there is a stash folder where you can synch frequently used files across multiple computers (max of 3 allowed with one account). This is handy if having that synching aspect is important to you.

All files within this Stash folder will always be up to date on each computer or mobile device that’s linked to it.

So there are some synching capabilities to the Mozy online backup service, though not robust.

Security Is a Hugely Important Element

One of the most important elements to consider when transferring precious files is security.

Let’s face it, when you’re sending over crucially important files that could have some very precious information on them, you want them to transfer over securely.

Mozy gives you one of the most vigorously secure and complete storage systems of any service out there.

They’ve got multiple levels of security and encryption… and go to extreme measures to make certain that every bit of data that you entrust them with is protected. You receive a password protected account, and each and every time your data is transferred, Mozy utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption to make sure it will not be intercepted.

But that’s not all… During the time that your files are in storage, Mozy also employs a 448-bit Blowfish encryption. This means basically that you can sleep safe at night knowing that your important files are being fully guarded.

Is Mozy Easy to Use?

Where it lacks in synching and sharing capabilities it makes up for in its straight forward and easy to use interface.

There’s really not a whole lot about Mozy to become complicated. While some may look at that as a negative, I think it’s a very positive aspect.

If you’re simply worried about making sure your files will be safe in case of an emergency, then Mozy is perfectly simple and the interface backs that simplicity up.

You can easily see how much backup you’ve used on one screen. It will also give you a screen in which you can see the folders which you’ve chosen to backup, as well as ways to look up the history of the backed up files.

The system runs in the background of your computer, like most other services, continuously backing up your data. It’s virtually hands-free for you.

How About Mozy Customer Support

The customer support for Mozy is actually a great aspect. But if you look at their website, without signing up for their service, you wouldn’t know it.

However, Mozy does offer members phone support, email support, and they have an extensive knowledgebase. As well, they have an online community of users that can be extremely helpful.

I think they lack in their display of phone support, and the fact that you have to dig around a bit is a little unsettling, but when you do call them up they’re extremely helpful.

I would like to see a chat support added to their customer service, as that’s always my favorite way of getting help quickly. But they do offer a service that’s extremely easy to use, so your chances of ever needing to go as far as phone support is very minute.

So What’s the Bottom Line on Mozy Backup?

The bottom line is simple. If you’re someone looking to share files, and sync computers and go crazy with modern technology then Mozy probably isn’t for you, and I’m not going to pretend it is. You’d probably be better off with something like SugarSync.

But if you’re someone who simply wants to back up your computer, and be able to sleep better at night knowing that you can restore it when something goes wrong, then Mozy is probably exactly what you need.

With their secure backup, and their competitive pricing and generous amount of space available, you’d really be making a great decision. Mozy is our #1 choice for best online backup.